Hurry: Our All-Time Favorite Containers for Dry Goods Are Currently 20% Off

updated Mar 23, 2021
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storage canisters
Credit: Courtesy of The Container Store

Scroll through Instagram and you’re bound to come across at least one picture of a meticulously organized pantry within seconds. Spices, in tiny Mason jars, organized by color! Dry goods packed in perfectly stacked canisters and labeled with calligraphy! Yes, #pantrygoals is a thing. But today we’re sharing one of our absolute favorite pantry solutions that may not necessarily make your pantry Insta-ready, but is definitely one of the most practical dry goods storage sets we’ve ever come across. It’s the Progressive ProKeeper+ Baker’s Storage Set, and it’s currently 20 percent off at The Container Store.

This particular set of dry goods canisters has found its way into many a Kitchn Editor’s pantries and has been serving us well for years. What’s so great about them? According to Lifestyle Director Lisa, “the company behind these containers really thought about how people would use them and set us all up for success.” Unlike most other canisters, each one included in this set is thoughtfully designed with a specific purpose in mind and has a special feature to make measuring, sprinkling, and storing a mess-free breeze.

First, there’s the 4-quart flour canister, which is perfectly sized to hold a five-pound bag of flour and has a clever little bar that clips across the top to let you easily level off scoops. Then, there’s the 1.5-quart brown sugar canister, which has a special terra cotta disc that fits snugly into the lid to prevent your brown sugar from turning into a brick. A 2.4-quart container is meant for granulated sugar and has a convenient pouring spout, while a 2-qt. powdered sugar container comes with an adorable little tablespoon that’s attached to a tiny duster for sprinkling powdered sugar over cakes and cookies or sifting it into recipes. There are also two mini (.24-quart) containers included, both with sliding screens that let you sprinkle out toppings, herbs, or homemade spice blends.

Each container has an airtight silicone seal and a hinged clasp that makes them simple to open and close. They’re also stackable and have easy-to-read measurement markings on their sides so you can quickly gauge whether you have enough flour left to make that pan pizza you’ve been wanting to try. (Highly recommend, btw.) Everything in the set is dishwasher-safe, and the containers’ rounded bottoms make them easy to wash by hand.

There are also some other clever ProKeeper containers included in The Container Store’s massive sale, such as a UV-tinted coffee container to keep beans fresh and easy-pour cereal dispensers that even kids can use without creating a Cheerio avalanche. But take our word for it — the Baker’s Storage Set is in a league of its own, and it’s a really solid deal at this price!