I Tried the $10 Gadget That’s Supposed to Keep Guacamole Green for Days — Here’s How It Went

published Aug 9, 2021
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

I’m a skeptic by nature. A gadget that promises to be a game-changer? We’ll see. A cup that says it can turn hot coffee into iced coffee in minutes? I’ll have to try it to believe it. (Spoiler: it works!) A toaster that’s worth its $250 price tag? Maybe. (Yes, actually.) A container that’ll keep guacamole green for days? Now, that’d be something.

Which brings me to the Progressive International Guacamole Keeper. Guacamole (and avocados in general) turn brown because of oxidation: Enzymes in the avocado react to air, causing the color shift. Now, lime juice (aka citric acid) can stave off that enzymatic activity/browning for a bit, but it doesn’t pause the countdown clock for long. So, is this $10 container really the key to keeping guac green for days? It’s not much more than a plastic bowl with a silicone-rimmed lid that gets pressed down into the bowl. Revolutionary? I had to find out.

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm
The guac on day one.

To test the container, I placed a heaping 1/2-cup of guac in the Guacamole Keeper and another in a regular, plastic food storage container (to use as the control). I placed both of them in the fridge for a couple of days and then checked on the guac. It holds up to 4 cups, so you might be wondering why didn’t I use more guac. Because I hate wasting food! And 1/2 cup was more than enough for my testing purposes.

Fast forward to the results: The container worked! After two days, the guac in the plastic food storage container was almost entirely brown, whereas the guac in the Guacamole Keeper was mostly green, save for a few spots right under the lid.

Credit: Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm
The still perfectly green guac after two days in the fridge.

What makes the Guacamole Keeper so effective? It’s so darn airtight! After placing the guacamole in the Keeper (its instructions says to “fill and mound guacamole in the center of bowl to help eliminate air pockets when sealing”), you evenly press the lid down, pushing all of the air out and pressing away any visible air pockets. Without the presence of oxygen, the guacamole stays green. Conversely, the regular food storage container had lots of air present with the guac, so it browned quickly.

For about $10, I definitely think this Guacamole Keeper is worth it. If you ever make guac ahead of time for parties, company, or even meal prep, this is a mighty helpful container to have on hand. I also really like that the container is pretty enough to set out on the table for serving, so you don’t have to dirty anything else or deal with scooping out your guac. I’d even go as far as to say it’s pretty guac-ing awesome.

Do you have a great way to store guacamole? Let us know in the comments below!