Progressive Dinner: Easy & Fun Entertaining Idea

Progressive Dinner: Easy & Fun Entertaining Idea

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 1, 2011

Have you ever participated in a progressive dinner? A progressive dinner is an easy way to entertain that doesn't involve loads of food prep. You're only responsible for one course or snack and as you travel through all your friends' homes you get to see everyone's holiday decor. The event featured above took place in Paris, which sounds like the greatest place ever to roam the streets with your closest pals enjoying the scenery and a leisurely dinner.

When I was younger my entire extended family used to participate in a progressive dinner during the holidays. Grandma always wanted to see everyone's Christmas decorations and so we ventured to all four of her children's homes and then ended at Grandma's. To this day I still remember those trips around the city, looking at lights, checking out everyone's decor and tasting all sorts of different foods as some of the best holiday memories I have.

With the holidays on our doorstep I've been thinking a great deal about this old tradition lately. With all the grandkids having their own children and not living as close as all my aunts and uncles do to each other, we haven't done a progressive dinner in quite some time. So it was quite a happy surprise to see someone else enjoying the fun over at Oh Happy Day. Do you enjoy progressive dinners? Tell us why or why not in the comments below.

Jordan Ferney has been busy with her friends in Paris, sharing food and enjoying the sights as they travel around. Now in my suburban neighborhood, we all just piled back into cars, but if you live in a major city with functioning mass transit, Jordan lends a few tips and tricks to making the most of your evening.

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