Professional Ranges: DCS RGS-305 30″ Range

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Today we take a look at the DCS 30″ gas range, a pretty little machine with a big price-tag.

We have been cooking on a 6-burner DCS commercial range for years out at our family’s place. It was bought for pennies off a film set – we had to pick it up, with cash, in a U-haul somewhere in Harlem. We trucked it out, and have been blasting our eyelashes off with it every since. It’s heavenly. But not practical for our current needs: we need a 30″ range for a traditional home kitchen.

So we checked out the DCS website and found they’re making more modest ranges in smaller sizes. We also found that the company is now owned by Fisher & Paykel. Hmmmm…

What we like about this model is that it has a center burner, a fifth, that puts out at a rate of 17,500 BTU/hour. That’s heat. We’re not sure if you really need that much heat, but it sure sounds fun. This model also has a window in the oven door, and a sleekly joined set of cook-top grates (you can slide your pots and pans from one side to the next without dislodging the burner covers) – both features we currently don’t enjoy.

But the lowest price we found is $3145 – ouch, that’s up there with the Vikings of Park Avenue, not the Harlem film set version we paid pennies for years ago.

Burners: 4 @ 15,000 BTU/hour, can simmer as low as 140°, plus center burner @ 17,500 BTU/hour
Oven Capacity: 4.2 cubic feet
Rack Positions: 3
Number of Racks: 3
Dimensions: 37″h,30″w, 28″d
Price: $3145+ free shipping (Witbeck Appliance)