I Can’t Believe I’m Only Just Discovering These Brilliant Kitchen Storage Solutions

updated Mar 12, 2024
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Credit: Erin Derby

I like to think I’m a fairly organized person, but after months of attempting to optimize the kitchen in my new house, I still don’t feel like I’ve made the most of my somewhat limited storage options. My secret weapon when it comes to finding the best organizing practices and products? TikTok!

I’ve been following TikTok influencer Julianna Christensen for a while now, and I’m honestly so inspired by her Amazon finds — especially all of the items in her kitchen storefront. The items she hand-picks aren’t just pretty to look at — they’re also super functional. Here are five super-smart organizing picks I’m planning to buy ASAP to optimize my own kitchen.

One of my biggest pet peeves is counter clutter. Other than my go-to appliances, a bread box, and a houseplant or two, I don’t like to keep too much out in the open. The problem? Cupboard and drawer space can be hard to come by. This ingenious under-shelf drawer is a great way to make use of vertical space, adding instant storage for small items while cutting down on visible clutter. You can install it below a cabinet, open shelving, or even a pantry shelf.

When it comes to dishwashing, I want to keep my sponge and soap easily accessible. But I also don’t want to add unnecessary clutter to the space surrounding my sink (i.e., the overflow area for dirty dishes). Too often, my sponge and dish wand get lost beneath dirty pots and pans in the sink, which makes me want to do dishes less than I already do. This foldable, triangular rack is perfect for storing dishwashing tools without taking up space on the counter. I also love that the excess moisture can just drip into the sink below. No more stinky sponges!

Using storage containers in your fridge is the ultimate life hack. However, there are a couple of problems with the traditional open-top versions: You can’t stack them and they’re a pain to pull out. Enter this set from Cella. Designed to be stacked thanks to its top lid and featuring a handle that makes moving these containers a breeze, I just know these are going to be a game-changer.

I’m a huge condiment person, so my refrigerator door shelves are constantly cramped — that is, until I discovered this ultra-practical door organizer. Just hang it on the front of the shelf and use it to store smaller items that would otherwise get lost among bigger bottles of ketchup and mustard. Unlike your actual fridge shelf, the mesh bag is easy to remove and clean. 

One of my biggest pain points is the drawer where I store tin foil, wax paper, and plastic wrap. The cardboard dispensers always get pushed to the back of the drawer, and it becomes a hassle to find what I need in a pinch. This surprisingly pretty wrap organizer holds all three items — plus, each slot comes equipped with a sliding cutter to make dispensing a breeze.