Product Review: The Onion-Shaped Onion Saver

updated May 2, 2019
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I’m not proud to admit it, but I’m just enough of a culinary snob that I would have never brought one of these kitschy onion-shaped keepers on my own. But my wiser-than-me Aunt Lou sent me one for Christmas and now I’m happy to report that I’m an Onion Saver convert. Read on for my review!

A few years ago, we did a survey on the Onion Saver and for the most part, our readers weren’t too keen on the concept. Unitasker! you cried. What’s wrong with plastic bags and wouldn’t it be hard to clean? you wondered. But fans spoke up in its defense and I find I have to agree with them completely.

The Onion Saver works really well to contain odors and keep a cut onion fresh and moist, just like any well-sealed plastic container. But it’s the shape that sets it apart for me. I can tell at a glance what’s inside it without having to open the lid and the bright color keeps it from being lost in a crowded refrigerator. The Sur la Table website also mentions that it’s a fun way to serve sliced onions at picnics.

Other things in its favor are that the Onion Saver is phthalate and BPA-free, which is not always the case with all plastics. It has often saved me from using plastic wrap and baggies, and it seems to keep onions fresher for a longer period of time. No mushy onion goo from a long-forgotten onion! And it washes up really easily.

There are also lemon, lime, red and green pepper, and tomato shaped containers. Truth be told, I don’t use just onions in my onion container (its really great for avocados!) but it’s still a really handy item. Plus, it makes me laugh every time I use it, and that counts for something.

The Onion Saver from Su la Table, $4.00.

(Image: Sur la Table)