Product Review: OXO Food Mill

updated May 30, 2019
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From time to time, a reader writes us with feedback on a kitchen product they particularly like. Today’s reader product review: The OXO food mill. A food mill is a terrific tool for blending sauces and jams, making mashed potatoes, and getting rid of tomato skins and seeds. Here’s what reader John has to say about his OXO food mill!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

From John, a reader:

I own an OXO food mill. Its good points are:

• Dishwasher safe

• Screw the dishwasher — it takes two minutes to hand clean. Food practically leaps off — put it in the sink and it’ll be mostly clean from water splashing over it while you randomly use the sink during cooking.

• Nice looking, durable, and functional, all at once.

• Has three sized sieves.

• Assembles and disassembles with almost no effort — the latch is even pointless; if you push down on the retaining arm, you can slide it out anyway since it’s held in place by a spring (which is even easier than using the latch designed for the purpose). This never happens during use, only if you do it on purpose.

It has a few caveats that I tend to ignore:

• Food sticks to the sides, so you need to push it down with a silicone spatula. Sweet potatoes and squash, particularly. Minor, little effort required.

• Clogs with skins immediately (it strips all the skins early). Not a real problem: one crank backwards clears the sieve, then you continue on and give it the occasional reverse crank.

• No wire etc. to clear the bottom, so when you finish you rinse the silicone spatula and take a pass at the bottom of the mill.

Honestly? These aren’t problems. Blenders have problems, they blend the bottom two ounces and then the rest of the food gets stuck. This? Barely notice.

Thanks for the review, John!

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