Product Review: Country Bob’s All Purpose Sauce

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Over the weekend we had the pleasure of testing out a sauce we’ve walked by many times in the grocery store, without even knowing it was there. Although we make most of our sauces at home, there are some times you just want to grab a bottle from the fridge, in this case, it’s a sauce that’s tasty on just about everything!

We’ve always been fascinated by “everything sauces.” Sure, some seem to lend their taste to different things (think Ranch Dressing), but most are pretty specific to the meal at hand.

This past weekend was a beautiful one here in Kansas City and we had the chance to grill, smoke and cook out for almost every meal. We grabbed a bottle (or two) of Country Bob’s and sauced up most of our creations with fabulous results. We tested it out on chicken, beef, pork, even some grilled veggies!

Even though the sauce can be applied to more than one type of meat or vegetable, it doesn’t taste the same on every one. Sounds weird right? Country Bob’s sauce is a great base for letting the natural taste of your food shine through while (please forgive us for saying this) “kicking it up a notch.” If we had to describe it, we’d have to say it’s something like Brown Sauce, but with less tang. It has more spice than ketchup, but less than a traditional (for KC anyway) BBQ sauce.

We even put it in our sloppy joes this go round and it amplified all the richness without being too sweet or making everything taste like bbq. It’s a great basic sauce to have on hand, even if you’re not using it on it’s own and are adding it to other things to help give them a boost. Look for it at your local grocer or you can also pick some up from their website! There’s also a few more specialized versions of their sauce, including one for those who like it a bit spicier and those who are looking for something with a bit more bbq taste to it. But we like the original because it works with almost anything that needs some kick in a pinch!