Product Review: Boos Block Cutting Board

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We told you yesterday that we’d been shopping for a new cutting board recently. We knew we wanted to get something sturdy and long lasting which would feel good while chopping, and wouldn’t easily dull our knives. After a considerable amount of searching, and learning about the different kinds of cutting boards available, we ended up with this John Boos end-grain maple block.

So how do we like it?

This cutting board rocks!

Or rather it doesn’t, and that’s a good thing. At 2 1/4″ thick, this heavy board isn’t going anywhere. It’s so stable that you don’t even have to think about putting a wet towel underneath it, even when using a fair amount of force to cut through a thick food.

The end-grain maple feels great while chopping. One of our chief complaints about glass and thin plastic boards is the way they feel under our knives. Because they don’t absorb shock, quick chopping tends to make hands hurt quickly, and we can feel how quickly it dulls our knives. But this board allows us to gently rock our knives through carrots and herbs with equal ease.

Because we’re tall, this thick board’s cutting surface is at a much more comfortable height than our old thin board. But we are worried about when shorter friends come to cook – a consideration we admit we didn’t think of before buying it.

We did especially look for a reversible board. We saw many cutting boards of this weight and thickness that were raised on small feet, thus preventing you from using both sides. Since we want to keep one for raw meats, and the other for fruits and vegetables, a reversible board was important.

Be aware that the heaviness of this board means that it takes some effort to flip it. And for those that like to store their cutting boards when not in use, you’ll probably want to get a lighter board. But since we like to keep ours on the counter anyway, this block makes an attractive addition to our kitchen.

Image: Nina Callaway

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