Product Review: Gel Pro Chef’s Mats

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Leather mats in the kitchen? We were slightly dubious of this when we first heard about these Gel Pro Chef’s Mats. These mats are made of woven synthetic leather, and they are designed to be much more ergonomically friendly to a cook’s feet and knees. Gel Pro claims that the gel inside the mats reduces pressure and relieves the aches that can come from spending a whole afternoon on your feet in the kitchen. We were still uncertain about the construction though – leather? Really?

We had a chance to try one out, though, and we have to admit they feel great to stand on.

The synthetic leather is easy to clean and looks great. They feel good to stand on too – we just haven’t spent enough time on it to say whether it truly makes a difference in a long day of cooking.

Our favorite aspect of this mat is actually a smaller one – we love how heavy it is. It never shifts or curls up like regular kitchen rugs and mats.

These are fairly expensive and yet we are pondering buying one for our next kitchen; we are liking the way they feel underfoot very much.

Regular sized mats (20×36) come in a wide variety of colors and cost $99.95. The larger mats (20×72) are $199.95. You can also order color samples for $10.