Product Review: Lindsay Green Ripe Olives

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Around our home, there’s a serious love for the small tasty nuggets that are olives. They seem to compliment most anything and are a fabulous pantry staple that carry the ability to be a dish all on their own, or make a simple meal truly come to life. We found a new line of Natural Green olives this weekend and gave them a whirl!

As we’ve mentioned before, we’re total suckers for new packaging and product lines. So it’s no surprise that a few cans ended up in our cart during our last grocery trip!

The packaging states they are medium pitted olives packed in nothing but sea salt and water. We were curious, took our time opening the can, enjoyed their rich and captivating smell and then popped one in our mouth.

They take not unlike a black olive, but less brine-y and vinegar-y. They’re smooth and buttery and don’t taste acidic or overpower.

They’re the same type of olives you can buy from specialty grocers, but hitting up a store like that isn’t always in the cards or budget. We found our can for just over $2 and they were a nice pop of color and taste with our nightly meal (we thought you might judge us if we told you we actually sat on the couch eating them out of the can while catching up on our DVR).

Take a look for them the next time you’re out, they’re a new pantry staple in our home!

(Image: Lindsay)