We Gave $15 to a Professional Cleaner to Buy Supplies at the Dollar Store — Here’s Everything He Bought

published Aug 12, 2022
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

We all know the dollar store is full of affordable finds: soap-dispensing dish wands, all-purpose cleaners, storage bins that can be used in creative ways, and so much more. As far as cleaning supplies go, there is a surprisingly vast selection of solutions and tools available, too. But what’s a good buy? To find out, we chatted with Austin Miller, president at SPRUSE cleaning, to learn what cleaning supplies he would buy for just $15.

At his local dollar store (Dollar Tree, in his case), Miller scored an impressive number of items. “I could confidently clean an entire house to our deep cleaning standard with these supplies and some towels,” he says. Ready to see what he found? Let’s take a look!

Note: To steal these deals yourself, check with your local dollar store and purchase these products in-store to buy a single item. The items shown sold online require you to purchase in bulk.

1. L.A.’s Totally Awesome All-Purpose Cleaner, $1.25

Miller selected several products from L.A.’s Totally Awesome, the first of which is their all-purpose cleaner that also de-greases and removes spots. “I chose this because it doesn’t contain any oils or acrylates, which are responsible for the films that develop on surfaces after cleaning,” he says. “You want a film-free shine.”

2. Fabuloso Lavender Multipurpose Cleaner, $1.25

Fabuloso is a great concentrate if you’re on a budget,” Miller says. “Use one part concentrate with four to five parts warm water, and you’ll have a streak-free floor with a subtle lavender note that lingers.” The fact that it’s a fun purple color doesn’t hurt, either.

3. Ultra Downy April Fresh Fabric Softener, $1.25

For extra-fluffy kitchen towels, Miller says this fabric softener is a solid choice. “I also mix this with water and spray on beds to remove wrinkles and leave beds looking professional and soft,” Miller says. “When your home smells fresh, it feels even more clean.”

4. Palmolive Essential Clean Original Dish Soap, $1.25

“I mix one part dish soap with five parts hot water to safely clean cabinet faces,” Miller explains. While you’re at it, you can tackle the window blinds too. Just grab a clean mop!

5. L.A.’s Totally Awesome Grill & Oven Cleaner, $1.25

Between frozen pizzas, bacon, and bubbling fruit pies, cleaning your oven is a very necessary task that often gets overlooked. This spray-on cleaner breaks down dirt, grease, and grime and helps make a tedious task so much easier. 

6. L.A.’s Totally Awesome Glass & Multi-Surface Cleaner with Vinegar, $1.25

“I chose this window cleaner because it specifically mentions being ammonia-free, which in the cleaning world is imperative,” Miller says of this vinegar-based solution. “Ammonia causes bad streaks and film on windows, and you don’t want that when trying to achieve crystal-clear glass.”

7. Scrub Buddies Toilet Bowl Brush with Holder, $1.25

With plenty of budget left after picking up cleaning supplies for the kitchen, Miller picked up a few supplies for the rest of the house. This toilet brush and holder set is a steal for just $1.25.

8. L.A.’s Totally Awesome Fresh Scented Daily Shower Cleaner, $1.25 

“I chose this because it didn’t contain bleach for one, and it also has disinfecting agents so I can safely clean bathrooms without an overwhelming smell,” Miller says. He likes using this daily cleaner knowing that when he’s finished, every surface is disinfected and clean.

9. Scrub Buddies Quick Eraser Sponges, $1.25

A cleaner and scrubber all in one, these eraser sponges quickly clean smudges, dirt, scuff marks, soap scum, and more from a variety of surfaces. To use, just wet the sponge and wipe away.

10. Scrub Buddies Long-Handled Angled Broom, $1.25 and Scrub Buddies Dust Pan, $1.25

To finish up this dollar store shopping spree, Miller also bought a broom and dust pan, which can be used to tidy up the kitchen and even outside in the patio.

What cleaning supplies do you like to pick up at your local dollar store? Tell us about your deals in the comments below.