I’m a Private Chef, and This Is What I’m Buying on Prime Day

published Jul 12, 2022
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Female chef leading kitchen staff in preparation for evening meal service in restaurant
Credit: Getty Images/Thomas Barwick

Hello, fellow cooks and Kitchn readers, it’s Amazon Prime Day — that means tons of small appliances, kitchen tools, and cookware staples are deeply discounted on Amazon! I’m here to share my personal favorites from the sale that I rely on daily as a private chef (with a few meal prep tips along the way). Like most cooks, I have a hefty — yet picky — collection of kitchen gear and I’ve rounded up the best kitchen finds (at the best prices) so you don’t have to do too much digging. I won’t keep you long — this rare shopping event only lasts 48 hours and some of the kitchen tools and cookware pieces I love are already selling out. But while these picks are still around, here’s what I’d snag if I were you… (Because sometimes, a cutting board and a chef’s knife just don’t cut it).

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1 / 10
was $38.99

I can’t tell you how many stainless steel mixing bowls we’d go through each night when I worked in restaurant kitchens — in my book, you can never have too many. They’re the foundation of all my cooking, serving as the perfect vessel for mixing batter, tossing salads, and marinating meats… and I’m often found eating my lunch right out of a medium-sized one. I actually have a habit of buying more mixing bowls, one size at a time, whenever I see them on display at the supermarket. As I said, I can never have too many, and this set has them all! Whether you're whisking up a little dressing in the mini or using the extra-large one to serve a crowd, there’s a use for them all, no matter the size.

2 / 10
was $43.75

Paring knives are extremely underrated tools and Misen is one of our favorite brands, beloved by Kitchn readers and editors alike. I rely on my paring knife for small tasks to give my chef's knife a breather (switching up my knives naturally prolongs their sharpness so that one knife isn’t handling all the brunt work). My paring knife is especially handy in the summertime for slicing small produce like stone fruits off of the pit, cherry tomatoes, and in-season strawberries. Also, if you plan on cooking with shrimp this summer, this paring knife is a must-have for deveining — it makes that tedious task so much quicker. With the trusted quality and sharpness of a Misen blade, this rare Prime Day deal can't be skipped.

3 / 10
was $27.00

This is the exact thermometer I used on the line for frying chicken sandwiches all night. And rest assured, not one thigh was undercooked in the middle and all of them were perfectly crisped and golden brown on the outside. That should be enough of a reason for you to click "add to cart," but I understand that not everyone is frying chicken for a weeknight dinner. I take the internal temperature of all my proteins at home too, even salmon. This instant-read thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking so that my fish, steaks, and hamburgers are all finished exactly as I like them. Pro Tip: Take the temperature of cakes before pulling them from the oven, a finished cake should have an internal temp of 200 degrees Fahrenheit!

4 / 10
was $22.75

I use a deli container to store just about everything in my pantry and fridge. Half an apple? Throw it in a pint container. Half a can of chickpeas? Into a cup container it goes. Simmering down a big batch of chicken stock? My freezer is lined with quarts for future recipes and soups. These food storage containers are transparent and dishwasher safe but the best part is that all of the lids are the same size so I’m never on the hunt for the missing link. Plus, they’re perfect for handing out leftovers without feeling like I'm giving away something that I'll need back, like pricey glass Tupperware or Pyrex. Delis will always be my number one food storage container of choice, without a doubt.

5 / 10
was $133.00

As a private chef, a cast iron enameled Dutch oven is essential to my workflow because, when cooking multiple meals at the same time, I make sure one of those meals is hands-off. That's where this Dutch oven comes in. It's a must for maintaining slow simmers on the stove or safely braising in the oven. Given that Lodge is my favorite brand for cast iron cookware and a Dutch oven is my favorite piece of cooking equipment, that makes this Lodge Dutch Oven my perfect vessel. Plus, it’s aesthetic enough to go straight from the kitchen to the dining table. One less dish to clean? Sign me up!

6 / 10
was $29.00

Contrary to the product name, I don’t use this coffee grinder for coffee beans (I buy pre-ground, sorry!). What do I use it for? Spices! I’m sure you've heard of grinding spices with a coffee grinder, and I can attest that this Bodum Electric Grinder gets the job done. Why grind spices, you ask? Well, If I can leave you with just one cooking tip, buy whole spices and grind just what the recipe calls for. This will amount to the freshest, most vibrant layers of flavor. Some of my current favorites are whole coriander, cumin, and fennel seeds, which sound like a delicious combination for my next dry rub. A rack of lamb, perhaps?

7 / 10
was $99.99

As much as I love getting down to business with a cutting board and a knife, this 5-cup Food Chopper saves the day in so many ways. It has three easy-to-use settings to whip, chop, and purée. Plus, it’s cordless so you can feel free to make smooth honey-spiked feta dip anywhere. I always use it for mincing sofrito (onions, carrots, and celery) as the base of so many sauces, soups, and braises. I also love it for tackling dips, herb-forward marinades, and curry bases. The possibilities are endless (and portable) so snag one while it's $30 off!

8 / 10
was $21.97

If I could only have one spatula in my entire kitchen it would be this spatula. Used for much more than just fish, it’s thin enough to slide under anything in a skillet or stuck to a baking tray with ease. That being said, I do love it for effortlessly sliding under crispy salmon skin in my frying pan without tearing the filet. Plus, the wide spatula makes it easy to transfer cooked foods from grill or skillet to plate without accidentally dropping anything.

9 / 10
was $629.95

There’s a reason Vitamix is the leading brand in blenders, found in restaurants and home kitchens alike — these things have power. They can do a lot more than frozen margaritas and morning smoothies, too. I love that the opening in the lid allows me to emulsify dressings by slowly streaming in oil. The Professional Series 750 Blender has five pre-programmed settings, so I can set it and walk away to tend to whatever is simmering on the stove. When I'm all done whipping it up, the blender cleans itself in under a minute by blitzing just a drop of soap and water. Right now, it’s over $200 dollars off, what are you waiting for?

10 / 10
was $11.99

Kitchen shears may seem like a tool left in the back of the utensil drawer, but in my kitchen, I always keep them at an arm's reach. I actually have multiple pairs, I use them that much. Whether it be garnishing my plate with an extra snip of herbs (hello, potato skins topped with chives) or preparing chicken strips for stir fry (yes, I use shears to slice raw meat), these shears get the job done — faster than my knife, too. I’ve even been caught snipping pizza with kitchen scissors — don’t @ me! They’re only about $6 during Prime Day — a $6 you won’t regret spending, at that.