9 Coffee Prints for Lovers of (Almost) Every Kind of Brewing Method

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: WunderKammerEditions)

The only thing better than a kitchen with freshly brewed coffee is a kitchen with a coffee print, and no matter what your brew preference is, there’s probably a poster for you.

Here are nine creative prints that will brighten up any kitchen and remind anyone that visits how much you love your favorite drink.

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Life Begins After Coffee, $15.27 AUD from Latte Design (Image credit: LatteDesign – Etsy)
  1. Life Begins After Coffee, $15.27 AUD from Latte Design: This could be the motto of many coffee drinkers, and with a bright chartreuse color in this print, the Bialetti never looked better.
  2. 38 Ways to Make a Perfect Coffee, $29 from Follygraph: Macchiato, americano, cafe cubant; how do you keep track of all of those coffee drinks? With this poster of 38 different coffee drinks of course.
  3. Coffee Percolator Poster, $7 from Wunder Kammer Editions: Percalators aren’t a very common brew method anymore, but you’ll often see them pop up at vintage stores, or even in the cupboard at your grandmother’s house. Here’s the patent drawing all the way back from 1894 to hang on your wall.
  4. Siphon Poster, $35 from The Department of Brewology: Siphon coffee is the kind of thing that can look a bit intimidating if you’re not used to it. But fear not, the Department of Brewology has a gorgeous print that explains it all.
  5. Coffee Art Prints, $33 from Shuffle Prints: The classic Italian moka gets a new look in this set of watercolor prints, both stylish and simple.
  1. 1944 Chemex Coffee Patent Prints, $14.99 from CJEbyDesign: For the Chemex lover, there are the original 1944 Chemex patent prints, which highlight the scientific nature of the coffee brewing method.
  2. Pour Over Coffee Print, $15 from Graphic Field: Committed to pour over? Then you need this Poured to Perfection poster.
  3. Aeropress Poster, $33 from Society6: Just in case you forgot how to make the perfect Aeropress, this Aeropress poster will guide you.
  4. Push It Real Good, $15 from Tim Melideo’s Print Shop: French press brewers, once that coffee and water has sat and extracted long enough, you know what to do… Push it real good.