Every Prime Day Kitchen Deal You Need to Snag ASAP

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July is a month for enjoying yourself, taking some time off, and getting ready to save a lot of money during Amazon Prime Day. While we’ve found lots of great deals leading up to the two-day event on Tuesday, July 11 and Wednesday, July 12, the seriously impressive sales are finally here for the taking — and they’re already moving quickly. Whether you’re in the market for pots and pans, cooking gadgets, kitchen organizers, or brand-new appliances, you’ll find them all discounted on Amazon during their Prime Day extravaganza.

One of the sweetest parts of this annual sitewide sales event is that you don’t have to have an Amazon Prime membership in order to take advantage of the savings. However, Prime members do get access to exclusive deals, so right now is also a smart time to sign up. And, to make sure you enjoy all the biggest discounts that Amazon has to offer, check out our top picks below. We did all the digging and searching for the best of the best deals, so all you have to do is click add to cart.

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was $799.99

There are two things that make this Dyson stick vacuum special: its large-capacity waste bin and its two batteries (that give you a combined 120 minutes of cleaning time). In addition to its anti-tangle brush roll head, you get a low-reach adapter that helps you clean underneath furniture, and a light pipe crevice tool that illuminates dark areas to help you see all the dust the vacuum picks up. Dyson also claims this model gives you 80 percent more suction power than their V8 vacuum.

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was $49.95

This high-capacity, insulated water bottle is able to keep cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot for up to 12 hours, so your favorite beverage will always be at the perfect sipping temperature. This model has a wide mouth opening so you can easily fill it or add ice cubes, and the cap has a built-in straw that forms a tight seal when closed. Check out their other color options to find the one that matches your personal style.

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was $99.99

Your summer is going to become a lot more refreshing when you pick up this KitchenAid shave ice attachment. The attachment works on standard KitchenAid stand mixers and creates fluffy mounds of shave ice that you can then flavor with syrups, juices, and fruits of your choice. You also get a few silicone ice molds with the attachment that you can pop in your freezer so you always have some ready to enjoy at a moment's notice. Check out our shave ice recipe for inspiration!

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was $119.99

While you can make so many dips, spreads, and marinades in this powerful food processor, the thing you're really going to love is how much time it saves you when you're making dinner. It has three different blade attachments that do the chopping, slicing, and dicing for you, and its wide feeder tube lets you easily fit ingredients without having to trim them down to size. It also has a setting for working with dough, so it's helpful for bakers, too.

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was $379.99

A slightly smaller version of the stand mixer that's on everyone's wish list, this 3.5-quart model works just as well and is compatible with all of KitchenAid's attachments, from their pasta roller and meat grinder to their shave ice tool. It's available in nine different colors and includes a wire whisk, dough hook, and flex edge beater (which scrapes the sides of the bowl better than the original beater).

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was $199.95

This Nespresso coffee machine is perfect for small kitchens because it has a tiny footprint and a moveable water tank that you can position to stay out of the way. The machine can brew four different cup sizes and is compatible with all pods in the Nespresso Vertuo line — and, by the way, you get some free sample pods included in your purchase.

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was $349.95

Considering Vitamix blenders last almost a lifetime, you're getting a tremendous deal on this professional-grade blender. There is no food, no matter how frozen, that this machine can't chop through, and its motor is so powerful that you can use it to blend and heat up soup — seriously! With this appliance in your kitchen, a world of smoothies, pestos, and dips is at your fingertips. Our copy chief got one of these in 2019 and wrote: "I would highly recommend this model to someone who wants the quality and reliability of a Vitamix but doesn’t need it for anything beyond simple basics."

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was $199.95

With its convection fan and Element IQ system that ensures even heating every single time, this mighty smart toaster oven will make your full-size oven jealous. You can intuitively program it to cook or reheat whatever you need it to, and if any food happens to spill over, the inside is nonstick for easy cleaning.

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We bet this cast-iron Dutch oven will become a central piece in your kitchen for a long, long time. It's safe to use on all stovetop types (including induction) and in the oven up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and it's available in 17 gorgeous colors. Our contributor Stella Totino called it her "most used piece of cookware."

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was $250.00

Our contributor Katie Leaird found this compact YETI cooler to be so useful, she bought two of them. Its built-in seal and heavy-duty locks make it totally leak-proof, and it's insulated to keep ice frozen for an extra-long time. Plus, it doubles as a seat when you're tailgating or hanging out at the park or beach. No wonder this made our list of best coolers.

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was $229.99

Made with three-ply stainless steel and safe to use with gas burners, induction stovetops, and inside the oven, this set of 10-inch and 12-inch frying pans is a great way to start or complete your cookware collection. You can use these with metal or silicone utensils and spatulas without worrying about scratching them up, and they handle stir frys and seared steaks just as well as they cook eggs and broil chicken thighs.

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was $194.50

Save yourself time and effort when it comes to cooking grains with this top-of-the-line automatic rice cooker. It makes perfectly fluffy rice every time and has measurement markers on the side of the pot insert so you can easily get the right proportions. It's also great for making steel cut oats, and because it has a built-in timer, you can program it to have your food ready exactly when you want it. Check out our review of their slightly larger 5.5-cup model here.

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was $170.54

Our editors have been fans of Henckels knives for a while, and this three-piece set is a great opportunity to enjoy superior cutting tools in your kitchen. You get a paring knife, a chef's knife, and a serrated bread knife, all of which are made from stainless steel and have single-piece blade construction for improved durability.

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was $411.99

Quickly wipe up spills in your kitchen with this cordless wet-dry vacuum. You get two absorbent brush rolls that you can swap out when they need to be cleaned, and the inside of the machine has a self-cleaning mode that keeps it free of debris. A smart purchase for both parents and pet parents, as well as anyone who wants to spend less time cleaning up annoying messes.

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was $29.39

Store leftovers, prep extras ingredients, and pack lunches in these glass food containers made by one of our favorite kitchen brands, Pyrex. This 10-piece set has a range of container shapes and sizes, each with a BPA-free lid that seals securely to prevent leaks or cross-contamination inside your fridge. Everything is also dishwasher-, microwave-, and freezer-safe, which is a huge bonus.

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was $39.99

It's frankly shocking how many spice jars you can fit in this tiny organizing rack — 24, to be exact! Each of the three shelves pulls out and folds down to give you access to your spices, and moveable dividers let you adjust the shelves' sizes to hold tall or short containers. As a bonus, your purchase includes a sheet of 104 pre-printed labels that you can use to always know where every spice is. Read our full review here for all the details.

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was $9.99

We recommend grabbing a couple of these reusable silicone bags while they're on sale because they're so versatile, you'll end up using them all throughout your house. They're safe to go in the freezer, microwave, oven, and pots of boiling water. And while they're great for marinating, cooking, and storing food, they also come in handy as organizers when you're traveling. Our contributor Remi Rosmarin calls them "the best thing I bought for my kitchen."

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was $29.99

Your cabinets will look much neater with this adjustable rack that keeps all your pans and lids organized and easy to reach. The base can expand from 12 inches to 22 inches long, and with the 10 metal dividers, you can create the ideal storage setup for your kitchen. No more messy stacks of lids taking over your cupboards! Check out our review of one of their slightly smaller adjustable racks here for even more details.

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was $39.99

Packing lunch for yourself is so much easier when you have a convenient lunchbox such as this BPA-free one from Bentgo. It has four compartments and a moveable divider so you can customize the layout a bit, and its lid is designed to prevent any and all leaks both between compartments and outside the lunchbox. The outside shell protects against scratches, dents, and cracks, and the inside food container is microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

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was $20.99

Our contributor Danielle Centoni recommends this inexpensive, instant-read thermometer for every kitchen. It has a large display screen so you can easily see the temperature reading, a button to toggle between celsius and fahrenheit, and two magnets that let you store it on the side of your fridge or other metal appliance. It works quickly, too — just 3 to 5 seconds. Read Danielle's full review here to learn more.

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was $39.99

Our contributor Rochelle Bilow loves this convenient vegetable chopper because it makes preparing ingredients so much quicker. The gadget includes four interchangeable blade inserts for different chopping and slicing needs, as well as a finger guard and cleaning tools. Plus, the catch tray reduces messes and holds up to five cups of chopped ingredients. Read Rochelle's full review here for more details.

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was $349.00

With this wood-fired pizza oven in your backyard or outdoor space, you can craft beautifully crisp, light, and cheesy pizzas at home whenever you want. It takes 15 minutes to heat up and cooks pizzas in 60 seconds, and don't worry about chopping logs for fuel: The oven has a hopper for wood pellets, which are easy to buy and store. Check out Ooni's pizza peels here.

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was $24.99

In addition to keeping your cold beverages cold, this cooling tumber can take hot coffee or tea and chill it in 1 minute flat. Store it in the freezer so it's always ready to go, and when you're done enjoying your drink, it can go right in the dishwasher. Read our breakdown of it here to see why it gets such rave reviews on Amazon.

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was $34.99

Replace your old laundry bag with this collapsible tote that's more sturdy and durable. It folds down flat when not in use and pops up to hold a sizable amount of clothes. You can use it either as a hamper or a bag for transporting your laundry to and from the washing machine. Its padded handles make carrying it comfortable for everyone, too.

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was $69.99

Make getting rid of food scraps and other garbage easier with this touchless trash can. Its sensor opens and closes the lid for you, which is super convenient when you're in the middle of cooking and don't want to touch anything besides the food you're working with. This is also a good fit for a bathroom or home office.

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was $69.99

With this fast-acting cold brew coffee maker, you can make deliciously smooth cold brew coffee at home in just 20 minutes. Once you add water and coffee grounds to the device, it will make an entire pitcher of cold brew coffee that's actually chilled and ready to drink right away. You can conveniently keep the coffee in the pitcher in your fridge, and when you run out, making a fresh batch will be quick and easy. Read our full review of it here for more details.

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was $34.99

Most under-sink organizers aren't very stylish, but this two-tier metal storage unit is sleek and sophisticated. Its bottom shelf extends outward for easy access and has chic wooden handles that add style points. You'll also appreciate that the device is designed to fit snugly against the wall of your cabinet so it stays out of the way of your sink's plumbing. Grab two of them so you have one for each side of your under-sink space!

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was $99.99

With tall sides, a glass lid, and a scratch-resistant nonstick surface, this All-Clad pan could easily become your new go-to pan for everyday cooking tasks. From making omelets and quick stir frys to braising chicken, steak, or pork (the pan is oven safe up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit), this piece of cookware is more versatile than you might expect.

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was $159.99

Making your own soda and sparkling water at home is a smart way to save money, and with this heavily-discounted SodaStream machine, you can save even more. The bundle includes the machine, a dishwasher-safe bottle, and one carbonating cartridge. They're fun for kids and anyone who enjoys experimenting with homemade seltzer flavors. See why our contributor Marlen Komar called her SodaStream "the Best Thing I’ve Ever Bought for My Kitchen. Period."

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was $119.00

Consider this compact refrigerator your chance to finally add a convenient holder for beverages to your garage, home office, bedroom, or TV room. This machine is EnergyStar certified for efficiency, has two shelves plus door storage, and includes a mini freezer section for food or drinks you want to keep ice cold.

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was $49.99

This electric popcorn maker is a step above the rest because it has a spinning mechanism that keeps popcorn kernels moving so you don't end up with any burnt ones. Its domed lid does double duty as a large serving bowl, and because the box includes a lid that seals into place, you can easily store leftover popcorn (and not worry about trying to eat it all in one night).

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was $85.00

Made in the United States from sustainable walnut trees, this wooden cutting board is gentle on all your knife blades. It has deep grooves carved around the perimeter to collect juices when you're slicing meat, and it's handsome enough to double as a serving tray for snacks or charcuterie boards. Your purchase is also backed with a 100-percent money back guarantee, although the board is so well made we doubt you'll ever need to replace it.

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was $53.79

No matter how good your tap water tastes, this Brita filter will make it taste much better. It can hold up to 10 cups of water and can be stored in your fridge or on your counter, depending on how you like the temperature of your water. The filter greatly reduces the amount of lead, chlorine, mercury, and other unwanted materials in your water, and it only has to be replaced twice a year. Plus, a built-in light on the top of the pitcher reminds you when to change it.

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was $49.99

You won't have to worry about cutting your fingers with this mandoline slicer because it has a clever (and incredibly safe) design. While a chute feeds ingredients toward the blade, you keep your hands out of the way and press down on a lever that controls the blade. You can achieve dozens of different kinds of cuts, including matchstick for fries, julienne for carrots, and mincing for garlic, and you'll do it all more quickly and more safely than if you were using either a traditional mandoline or a regular knife.

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was $89.99

Cleaning up small kitchen messes and removing dirt and hair from your furniture and window curtains is so much easier with this handheld vacuum cleaner. It has a spacious catch tray that's easy to empty and is designed to pivot so you can reach into sofa crevices and on top of bookshelves. Plus, it only weighs 3 pounds, so it's comfortable for everyone to use.

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was $164.95

AeroGardens make indoor gardening incredibly easy, and this countertop model is perfect to keep in your kitchen or any area where you want to add a little edible greenery. The hydroponic garden has a built-in light that operates on a timer (so you don't have to worry about improving your plant-parenting skills), and the box comes with six different seed pods, as well as a bottle of nutrients, so you can start enjoying fresh basil, parsley, dill, thyme, and other plants right away.