The New $30 Bed Bath & Beyond Deal You Should Know About

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In what we can only imagine to be an attempt to compete with Amazon Prime, Bed Bath & Beyond has launched its own membership program. It’s adorably called BEYOND+ and only costs $29 a year.

There’s just one question: Is that $29 well spent?

What does that $29 BEYOND+ membership get you? Imagine those magical 20-percent-off coupons. And then imagine having an infinite supply of them. For an entire year. See, BEYOND+ members get 20 percent off their entire purchase and free shipping — with no minimum purchase — every time they shop.

Sign up: BEYOND+

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It sounds good in theory, but what household is not lousy with these coupons? The photo above is just a sampling of a few coupons one of our editors had on hand in her apartment. And she had more in a drawer! While Bed Beth & Beyond’s official corporate policy says these coupons do expire on the stated date, they don’t really expire. Most cashiers will still honor even long-expired coupons. And these come in the mail — for free. All the time! They’re also in various magazines — for free!

Even more, the standard coupon exclusions still apply. Meaning the 20 percent can’t be used on Le Creuset, Staub, Vitamix, or Dyson. Sure, the free shipping is enticing but is it enticing enough that it’s worth $29?

The discount will automatically be applied when you’re shopping online. In stores, you’ll need to download the app and show the offer on your phone to the cashier. Or you can print a coupon and bring one each time you want to shop in the store. But again, don’t most people have a stockpile of these things?!

What do you think? Would this deal be worth it for you? Discuss in the comments below.