Pretty Up Party Cups With Washi Tape

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you been introduced to washi tape yet? Essentially, it’s thin, patterned or colorful tape that is meant to decorate everything from scrap book pages to your next DIY project. They’re so cute that folks are finding new ways to put them to use, including using the tapes as stylish drink markers at parties.

Over at the Japanese blog Life Natural (loosely translated as I’m a little rusty), they’ve presented a pretty little project using washi tape. The idea is simple, just wrap tape around the top of a clear party cup to indicate which glass is yours!

You could let guests make their own, or go ahead and pre-assemble to color coordinate them or add a little zip to your party decor. It’s a great way to get the job done and make something a little extra special without breaking the bank. Want to see more?

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(Image: Life Natural)