Pretty Non-Permanently Painted Spoons

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I love the look of those painted silverware pieces we’ve seen floating around the internet lately, but that doesn’t mean I want to keep them in my collection. They seem like an investment and with space being short, it’s not one I’m willing to make. This idea uses edible spray paint instead to make a big impact on your next get together or special day.

Over at A Subtle Revelry, there’s always something fun for a party to be found. Although we don’t feel that every get together or evening meal needs to feel like a celebration, the end of summer seems to be full of birthdays, wedding and baby showers, weddings and backyard barbecues.

This fun idea uses stickers and edible spray paint that would make great place cards or seating assignments for guests, or just something to make eating the world’s best ice cream sundae a little more special. It’s one to file away as it could be an easy way to bring in specific colors without a big investment or a closet full of craft supplies when all is said and done.

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