Pretend Spring Is Here with This Pineapple & Thyme Cocktail

(Image credit: Will Frolic for Food)

It’s not technically spring until March 20, but already I’m dreaming of warmer weather. There’s quite a bit of snow outside where I am after yesterday’s blizzard, but I’m keeping things sunny with this pineapple cocktail.

This refreshing cocktail is a twist on the Paloma, which typically consists of tequila, grapefruit juice, lime, sugar, and club soda.

In addition to the standard grapefruit juice, this Paloma recipe calls for pineapple juice, and instead of plain ol’ sugar, it swaps in a fresh thyme and grapefruit simple syrup. The simple syrup adds an extra layer of flavor, while the pineapple juice gives the cocktail a slightly tropical feel.

When served over ice and garnished with some grapefruit slices, this cocktail is sure to be a bright antidote to these last drawn-out winter days.

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Get the Recipe: Pineapple Paloma with Thyme Syrup from Will Frolic for Food