Preserving Gear: Maslin Pan from Lee Valley Tools

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you ever made your own jam? It’s really not that hard, and it doesn’t take much in the way of special equipment. You usually do need one big pot, though, and that’s where this maslin pan from Lee Valley Tools can come in handy.

A maslin pan is a traditional European and British pot for making marmalade, jam, and preserves. It’s a solid, heavy pan with a teacup shape and thick bottom. A big part of jam making is encouraging evaporation of the water in fruit, concentrating the fruit and sugar together. This heavy pan protects the fruit from scorching while providing a large surface for evaporation. The handle, handle bail, and pouring spout help you safely get the jam into your jars.

It’s also huge – 9 quarts! We think this could also be a fabulous soup pot – not to mention a good stockpot, corn pot, lobster pot… you get the picture.

It features a three-layer base with a central slab of aluminum completely encased in stainless steel to evenly distribute heat and prevent hot spots that could burn pan contents. There is an optional lid as well – very handy if this is to be a multi-use pot.

• Buy a Maslin pan, $75 with lid at Lee Valley Tools