Help! I Need to Bring an Appetizer for Preschool Potluck. Any Ideas?

published Sep 3, 2019
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Hi, Kitchn team!

We have a potluck at the preschool coming up and we’re responsible for bringing an appetizer. I’m thinking about making gougères, but another mom made something similar for another potluck, so I need a backup plan. Any ideas?

– Shana

Arie: Meghan …

Meghan: Because I’m basically a preschool potluck expert at this point, right?

Arie: I would say so! This question feels so tricky to me, a non-mom, because there’s so much to consider. Do you want something fun? Something healthy? Something allergy-friendly? Something that’s just super easy?

Meghan: So, I love keeping puff pastry around for all kinds of last-minute appetizers. These mini pizzas are a favorite in our house, as is this tomato version. Also pigs in a blanket — these ones are super easy because you wrap whole sausages and just cut them into bites-sized pieces! Done.

Christine: Pinwheel sandwiches! Btw, I have a pet peeve when kid/toddler food involves skewers … actually dangerous for those kids who don’t know how to eat off of them!

Arie: See, I would have never thought of that.

Meghan: Personally for events where lots of families bring things to share, I don’t stress about making things that are healthy, because there’s almost always a vegetable tray for the kids to eat a few obligatory carrots off of! That said, a good fruit salad is always a hit!

Arie: When I was a kid I remember some parent bringing balled watermelon (is that the right term?). Like they balled all the watermelon and then stuffed it BACK in the watermelon. It was so epic.

Christine: Oh man, if I had the time/energy, sushi is ALWAYS a hit. Kids nowadays are so spoiled! I never ate sushi as a kid, but every kid loves cucumber or avocado rolls.

Meghan: Oh yeah, like even a basic vegetable roll!

Christine: Although I swear they just want to dip it in soy sauce .

Meghan: Plus they look so pretty.

Christine: Oh! And we made Meghan’s falafel last night — those would be good. We dipped them in plain yogurt and hummus.

Arie: Grace, Lisa, Lauren (both of you), Sheela — I know none of you are moms, but do you have any other ideas to add?

Lisa: Mini pizza bagel bites! I also always have pigs in a blanket when our friends come over with their kids.

Grace: These appetizers from Sheela couldn’t be easier … and I have a feeling kids won’t say no to queso-stuffed potatoes or ranch-seasoned pinwheels!

Sheela: I know Christine said no skewers, but if you want to make an exception, I love the idea of no-cook caprese skewers. You could drizzle them with a little pesto.

Lauren Masur: My younger cousins are obsessed with zucchini fries dipped in marinara sauce.

Lauren Kodiak: What about some sort of cup situation? Lil quiche cups or something handheld?

Arie: Well, these are all super cute ideas. Thanks, guys! Hope that helps, Shana.

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