The Game-Changing Measuring Spoons We’re Obsessed With Are 30% Off Right Now

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A dash of salt, a drizzle of pepper, a glug of oil…sounds great when a professional chef on TV does it, but for most of us, it usually ends up resulting in a culinary flop. When following recipes, it always helps to precisely measure ingredients to achieve delicious, balanced flavors. If you’ve been making do with teaspoons, your fingers, or that old plastic ring of clunky measuring spoons that always jam your drawers, now’s the time for a sleek upgrade with Prepworks’ double-sided magnetic measuring spoons. Besides making it to our 2020 Kitchen Essentials list, these cleverly designed spoons will save you time in both prep and clean-up. They’ll also save you money, because right now, they’re on sale for $15 — a whopping 30 percent off the normal price of $22.

So what makes these measuring spoons such kitchen must-haves? As our editors put it, “What good is a measuring spoon that doesn’t fit in a spice jar?!” With this Prepworks set, it all comes down to smart design. The stainless-steel spoons have a narrow, oval end that can easily fit into the tiniest jars, so you don’t have to shake turmeric out over a bowl or kitchen sink to get exactly half a teaspoon. The other side of the spoon has a rounded end that’ll expertly hold liquids. The base is flat, so you can easily rest the spoon on the counter without worrying about staining the countertop or spilling your carefully measured ingredients all over the place.

Another handy design feature is the built-in magnets that ensure the spoons nest together — and stay together! That means no more rummaging through a drawer filled with sharp objects looking for a wayward measuring spoon that always seems to go missing right when you need it. Plus, the magnetic feature is also space-saving, especially for those of us with tiny kitchen drawers! Once you’re done using the durable stainless steel spoons for whipping up dinner or baking dessert, just pop them in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

And speaking of cleaning up, we recommend you grab these cooking essentials while they’re still on major sale. Then get ready to say goodbye to salty meals and flat cakes once and for all.