This $13 Amazon Find Is the Best Way to Keep Your Game Day Guac Nice and Green

updated Jan 27, 2020
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A huge bowl of creamy guacamole is a game day must, but there’s always that perpetual paranoia that it might turn into a brown, mushy puddle before your guests even arrive. Even worse? Throwing away whatever’s left over because you know it’s not going to make it to the next day.

While there are several short-term hacks to prevent an avocado’s buttery inside from aging at a rapid pace, the only long-term solution is better air-tight storage. And we just found one: Prepworks by Progressive’s Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper, which has over 175 5-star reviews and keeps guac fresh for up to four days (even longer, according to customers!).

So how is the Guacamole ProKeeper different from other storage options? It’s all in the super-sealing lid, which prevents any air from sneaking in and browning your guac. Simply fill and mound your guac in the center of the bowl to help eliminate any air pockets, and press the lid down to create an air-tight seal. Done!

“Usually, it’s a race to eat avocados before they go bad at my house, and once they are cut, leftovers need to be eaten within a day before they brown (despite using copious amounts of citrus, pits, or plastic wrap),” said one reviewer. “Now I can prepare several for the week ahead.”

The four-cup container is roomy enough to hold up to six mashed-up avocados, so you never have to worry about anything going to waste. “When you buy several avocados at once (as for example at Costco), they tend to ripen all at the same time,” said another reviewer. “With this storage container, you can mash them all up when they are at the peak of ripeness, and store them to use them when you’re ready.”

Besides keeping your guac bright, the ProKeeper can also be used to store salsa or any other freshly prepared dips that have a conventionally short shelf life. And if you hate the hassle of dealing with too many dishes, the clear container can easily go from refrigerator to table. Once you’re done, simply throw it in the dishwasher.

If you’re done wasting time and money whipping up a bowl of guac only to have it turn into a nasty mess, the Prepworks Guacamole ProKeeper is worth a shot. As one reviewer noted: “If you make a lot of guac, and find yourself with a lot of leftovers, then you will be 100% satisfied.”

We 100% second that!