This $22 Find Will Keep Your Guac Fresh for Days And It Has 6,000 5-Star Amazon Reviews

published Aug 10, 2022
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One of the best things about summer? All the guacamole. It seems that no matter what sort of function you’re attending, there’s bound to be a big ol’ bowl o’ guac lying around just waiting to be devoured. Maybe you’re the type who likes to add a little cumin (or another favorite spice) before mashing, or perhaps you’re the kind of avocado appreciator who opts for a crema in place of the traditional stuff. No matter how you like your avos mashed, I’m here for it, and TBH, I keep the guacamole train going into the fall and beyond. But the one downfall with guacamole? It just doesn’t keep.

Take last weekend for example, I threw a shindig on Saturday and, yep, you guessed it, I made two huge bowls of guacamole. At the end of the gathering, I threw the leftovers in a container and called it a night. In the morning, I went to make quick and easy avo toast with the guac from the night before, and nearly half of it was already brown — less than 12 hours later! I’ve tried everything to prevent this problem: cling wrap across the surface, keeping the pits and plopping them back in before storing, or (more often than not) eating way more than I can handle to prevent leftovers in the first place. Well luckily, I’ve found an answer to said problem that requires no extra work and costs just over $20. It’s called the Fresh Guacamole ProKeeper. You’re welcome.

How does this thing work? I wondered the same thing, but don’t let the simple design of this PrepWorks gadget deceive you. Thanks to its super-sealing lid that removes air from inside the container, you can store up to four cups of guac with minimal oxygen (the culprit behind brown avocados). Because avocado flesh changes color (and flavor) when it reacts to oxygen molecules, this brilliant solution keeps the delicious stuff green and fresh by eliminating the possibility of that reaction. Smart right?

And, the thing really works. Just trust the guacamole lovers of Amazon. With nearly 6,000 five-star reviews, there’s no denying this is an essential in every kitchen. “I don’t write too many reviews, but this product deserves one. It works for a LOOOONNNNGGG time… I kept some guacamole for a month in this thing and it still didn’t go brown,” shared one reviewer. “This thing has saved me from wasting a lot of avocados and guac.” And, might I add, money. I mean, avocados are not cheap right now, so investing in this smart solution is about to save you some major bucks in the long run.

Take note: Lots of reviewers stressed just how important it is to follow the directions with this find. “The first time I used it, I was skeptical, so of course, I added a layer of plastic wrap before placing the lid on it. And, of course, it browned – not terribly, but some spots,” explained one customer. “Well, it is because I was using it wrong! If you do not want any browning, do the following: Using a spoon or knife, make the top of the guacamole as even as possible. Then, place the lid on top and press down firmly. When it is laying flat against the guacamole, rock the lid back and forth, side to side to help any air bubbles disappear. Keep doing this until you don’t see any air pockets and you are done.” Seems simple enough to me!

When you’ve eaten the last delicious bite of the batch, just toss both parts of the ProKeeper in the dishwasher. Plus, order this guacamole-lover’s-must-have right now, and you’ll be scoring it on sale. Just think of how many avocados you can buy with all that savings. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m ordering mine while they’re still in stock!