This $8 Amazon Find Is the Secret To Keeping Cut Avocados Fresh and Green for (Almost) Two Weeks

updated Jan 25, 2021
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Avocados are one of nature’s most decadent treats, and if you manage to time it just right, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as slicing into one that’s perfectly ripe and creamy. The problem? The moment you do this, the clock starts ticking before the avocado begins to turn brown, which is a bummer if you only need half for a recipe, or want to save some for later. But rather than half-heartedly dig into a mushy avocado the next day or toss it in the bin, thousands of Amazon reviewers have discovered this incredibly clever storage solution from Progressive that keeps avocados fresh for longer. And if we’re going by these glowing five-star reviews, two whole weeks to be precise!

As is the case for other foods prone to browning, the culprit is oxygen, which reacts with enzymes in the cut fruit, causing premature discoloration. Progressive’s two-piece set features a flat base with a tight-fitting lid, and is super easy to use: just place your pitted avocado half cut-side-down on the base, cover it with the snap-on lid, and pop it in the fridge. The design works so well, it’s even surprised some reviewers, like one who admitted, “Not sure why this product works but it does! If you want your avocado to stay fresh and keep its color this is the product for you.”

The keeper measures 5.25 x 3.5 x 2.19 inches, so it easily fits most average avocado halves. It’s also dishwasher-safe, and the reusable design is a lot more eco-friendly than using a piece of plastic wrap or tin foil every time you want to preserve a cut avocado. Plus, the cute, space-saving design will stand out from your other storage containers, reminding you to use your cut avocado. As one happy reviewer notes, “Doesn’t keep the avocado from going a little brown–nothing will–but it IS the perfect shape unlike my other containers, and takes up less space. Love it!”

So for a little under $8, this cute container is a minimal investment to make when you consider how many avocados you’ll end up saving. And as one reviewer summed it up: “No more throwing away expensive avocados that rot in ten minutes. Yay!” Yay, indeed!

Buy: Prepworks by Progressive Avocado Keeper, $7.34 (normally $7.92)