Preparing for Passover: Getting Rid of the Chametz

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

As we’re busy here at The Kitchn spring cleaning with the Kitchn Cure, Jews all over the world are also busy preparing for Passover. This is the time to ritually clean your kitchens, and get rid of chametz – leavened bread and other foods that may not be eaten during the holiday.

Different people go to different lengths to prepare their houses – some are content to wipe down the counters and cover them with butcher paper, while others hunt around with a toothbrush, cleaning all crevices in the entire house. (You never know – you could accidentally dropped some bread in the upstairs light fixture!)

Whether you’re an observant Jew or an atheist who’s just looking for a clean house, spring cleaning makes sense. Outside, everything is in renewal, so it’s time to dust everything off, and have a new clean slate. For Passover, it’s likely company’s coming, and it’s so nice to have the entire house clean at once.

But does it make sense to both follow the Cure and kasher your kitchen for Passover? The Cure might inspire you to do a more thorough cleaning for Passover. It may have also helped you look more carefully at unused appliances and canned goods. And coming up, it will help you plan a heck of a dinner party.

Even if you’re not following the Kitchn Cure, we’d love to help you with cupboard challenges as you try to use up your chametz. Here are two potential recipes: Sweet Potato Bread Pudding and Apple Walnut Bread Pudding.

How about you? If you’re preparing your kitchen for Passover, how thorough do you try to be? Are you also following the Cure?