Prepare A Mixed Case Of Wine For Holiday Emergencies

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Once Halloween has passed us by, it can feel as though a holiday flood gate has opened and party invites, get together requests and lists of things to buy and coordinate just seem to take over. Be a step ahead of the madness by prepping a mixed case of emergency wine.

Wine is one of those fabulous things in your kitchen that pulls double if not triple duty. Yes it’s a tasty beverage and it deglazes a pan like it’s nobody’s business. But it also makes for a great hostess gift for a last minute party or makes even a humble bowl of noodles into something special when we’re too busy to make anything more extravagant.

So why wait until the last minute to flock to the stores with the hundred other people that have places to be and things to do, just like you? Take time to pick up a few bottles of your favorites, along with a few to cook with and you’ll be set for any emergency, cooking or party related for the holiday season.

What’s your favorite wine to keep on hand for a hostess gift? Let us know in the comments below!

(via: Slash Food)
(Image: Flickr member theonetruedevo licensed for use by Creative Commons)