This Hack Will Keep Your Lean Meats from Sticking to Your Grill This Summer

published Jul 12, 2022
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Credit: Mia Yakel/Kitchn

In my opinion, grilling is one of the best parts of warmer weather. Between all the necessary prep, planning the proteins and veggie sides, and the eventual cleanup however, it can be quite the intimidating prospect. Finding some ways to save time and energy along the way — but still have delicious results — could make the whole season a lot more fun (not to mention tasty!).

Cookbook author and food blogger Nicole Keshishian Modic recently shared some brilliant grilling hacks on her Instagram, and they promise to give you an easy way to streamline summer entertaining and outdoor family dinners.

Though she shared five hacks total in the Reel, one of the most ingenious hacks shared was the ability to use a potato to make a grill non-stick. It’s incredibly easy, and just involves slicing the potato in half, piercing it with a fork, and rubbing the flesh over the grill grates. While heartier steaks and burgers don’t often stick to the grill, leaner options such as fish and chicken often do, and those starches inside the potato can be a game-changer when it comes to creating those beautifully grilled proteins.

A hack that has a completely different purpose but similar execution is cleaning that grill with an onion. Just make sure the onion is hot, then slice it in half and rub it on those grill grates. You’ll want to first pierce the onion with a fork to release juices to produce steam when it touches the grill allowing it to remove all that stuck-on food and grease.

The other hacks she included in the Reel will help keep your burgers juicy on the grill, prevent your skewers from burning, and how to skewer foods — like sausages and hot dogs — to make them easier to flip!

So, if you’re planning to take advantage of summer grilling, you’ll want to keep these grilling techniques handy to take the stress out of the process.