The Unexpected Secret to the Best Cinnamon Rolls Ever

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

On preparing to attend a chili cook-off last weekend, I simply wasn’t feeling the competitive spirit. What I was feeling was a hankering for some warm, cloud-like cinnamon rolls. So, instead of bringing a pot of chili, I opted to bring cinnamon rolls as a dessert for after the competition was over. And while I wasn’t competing, these big boys took the cake (so to speak) with one secret ingredient: potatoes!

Partygoers looked at me funny when they told me the rolls were moist and I told them there were potatoes in them. It’s something I encountered years ago on a cinnamon-roll-baking kick, but then forgot about until this weekend’s party. But when I started imagining soft, gooey cinnamon rolls chasing bowlsful of scrumptious chili it all came back to me: potatoes soak up more moisture than wheat flour alone and adding them to a whole array of baked goods from cakes to rolls makes for superior softness (think potato bread).

→ In my search for more info about potatoes in cinnamon rolls, I came across this article and recipe at Slate: You’re Doing It Wrong: Cinnamon Rolls

→ The recipe I followed last weekend: Yukon Gold Cinnamon Rolls from Bon Appetit

Do you ever use potatoes or potato flakes in your baking?

(Image: Regina Yunghans)