This Is the Smartest (and Cutest) Way to Store Your Oven Mitts and Pot Holders

published Jul 29, 2023
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2 polka dotted oven mitts sitting on a gray counter with a pan of cookies next to them
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For new home chefs and skilled cooks alike, taking on complex (or even simple) recipes can be overwhelming — and for the experience to be seamless and fun, you want the entire process to flow. That’s why keeping the necessary items in easy-to-reach spots is a good idea — like hiding your measuring spoons where you can quickly grab them, or using a magnetic strip for knife storage so you don’t have to dig around in a drawer. (These are especially useful if you’ve got a tiny kitchen.) While these are more obvious cooking utensils, there’s another necessity that’s often overlooked until you really need it: pot holders.

Picture it: Your timer goes off, or your pot starts to bubble over, and you instinctively grab for the hot pot or pan — but, stop! Where is your closest oven mitt? If you currently stash your pot holders in a drawer, read on because this storage spot will make it super easy to grab them in a dash (without taking up precious drawer space).

The kitchen in Peta Nind’s colorful Bendigo, Australia, rental home has the ultimate pot holder storage hack: hanging with screw-in hooks from two floating shelves. And it’s no surprise that her oven mitts are hung beautifully on display — Nind owns an indoor plant store called Living Gifts Bendigo. Much like her gorgeous plants, her hot pads look like art pieces. But showcasing her bright, colorful oven mitts isn’t the only benefit of their placement. 

Of course, if you have oven mitts as gorgeous as Nind’s are, it’s a great way to display them, but hanging them in front of you also makes it easy to grab them when you go to pull a hot dish out of the oven. Having these handy hot pads for guests to see encourages cleaning your oven mitts more often, too. 

If you don’t have floating shelves, that’s no problem. Try hanging them from the bottom of regular cabinetry, or opt for this other brilliant storage method and hang them inside your cabinet doors

With this storage tip, your pot holders will always be a quick reach away. If you want to see more design inspiration from Nind’s house, check out the full house tour on Apartment Therapy.