Survey: What Kind of Kitchen Floors Do You Have?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

On Monday we showed you a kitchen with eco-friendly (not to mention leg muscle-friendly) cork floors. We’re guessing, though, that most of you have something more traditional. We’re curious what kind of floors you have in your kitchens- and what you wish you had, if you could choose.

We have very hard stone tiles. We’re not even sure what kind of stone, just something that makes our heels and calf muscles ache when we’ve been standing for hours at the stove and countertop. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to choose them.

Our pick would be hardwood floors. We like the way they make the kitchen seem like any other part of the house; it should feel like a living room, given how much time we spend there. We also think they’re pretty easy to clean (unlike our mottled stone, which seems to pick up stains in odd places).

The idea of cork or rubber, though, is intriguing, if only for the comfort factor. What do you think? What’s your ideal flooring for a kitchen? And does anyone out there embrace the classic linoleum?

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(Images: Peter Murdock/Metropolitan Home; John Reed Forsman/Metropolitan Home))


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