Good Question: Quick Antipasti for Houseguests?

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Do you have guests visiting this summer? Maybe you have a similar question to Jeff’s here:

I’ve had friends visiting for the past few days, and they’ll all be in and out of the house constantly for at least another week. As is the case with a house full of friends, there’s been a lot of snack food buying going on. Somebody comes in, is hungry, and rather than wait for everyone ELSE to be hungry and plan a meal, they’ll reach for a bag of chips or box of cookies.

What I’m looking for are foods that can be prepared and gathered easily, at any time. Foods that, depending on how they’re paired up, could satisfy either the hunger for a snack, or the hunger for a meal. Nothing too hors d’oeuvre-y… more towards the antipasti end of the spectrum. Any suggestions?

Jeff, we think you can’t go wrong with classic Italian combos of salami, prosciutto, ham, and other really fine deli meats, combined with some great cheese. Add in pickled peppers and lots of cut-up vegetables (store in glass containers or Ziploc bags to keep them cold and fresh) plus a big box of homemade cookies and you’re set. If you have great sliced bread, mustard, and mayo around people can make sandwiches too. To add to that Italian spread, try big bowls of cooked orzo or couscous tossed with mozzarella, basil, and tomatoes. These grain salads stay good and even taste better after a day or two in the fridge.

That’s just one idea, though; perhaps the readers have better ones. Also check out this post on food for unexpected visitors – tons of good ideas in there.

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