Good Question: Kitchen Gift for Friend Moving Abroad?

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Here’s a sweet question from Lia. Any good ideas?

I’ve started a tradition to give an apron and a few cooking utensils or other food-related gifts to all of my friends getting married. However, my BEST friend is planning to move abroad right after, so giving her bowls, mixers, etc (even spatulas) seems a bit silly. No need to pack those items. Any ideas on what to get her? I was thinking a small cookbook of American foods, but as I rarely use them wouldn’t know what to pick. Any suggestions?

Lia, depending on where she is moving she may not have easy access to favorite foods and cupboard staples. David Lebovitz complains about not finding chocolate chips, and we have carried more than one jar of peanut butter abroad for expat friends. So perhaps a big box of American-made goodies?

Readers, what would you recommend?

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