Good Question: Help Me Recreate Cookie Dough Ice Cream

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Here’s a very interesting question about “cookie dough” ice cream from Kristin. Read her question carefully; it’s not the cookie dough ice cream you may be thinking of!

About 20 years ago in New Haven, CT, there was a great ice cream shop that served up some great gourmet ice cream. The real reason we begged our parents to take us there instead of Carvel? The Cookie Dough ice cream!

Here’s where my question comes in: The cookie dough recipe they used was NOT the kind we are used to seeing now. No bits of raw dough in vanilla ice cream there, it was just a scoop of cookie dough FLAVOR with chocolate chips in it. The best ice cream I’ve ever had. Now I have an ice cream machine and it is the one flavor I would love to make. I just can’t figure it out! Any ideas how to recreate this recipe?

This is a challenging question, Kristin! We wonder if our readers will come up with something good for you though. We would probably just try to throw in as many ingredients from real cookies as possible: some eggs, vanilla, brown sugar, and perhaps some butter flavoring too.

Readers, any good ideas on how to recreate actual cookie dough flavor in ice cream?