Good Question: Fast, Cheap and Healthy Breakfast Ideas?

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Here’s a great question from Nick, who asks:

I eat breakfast at my desk at work. It usually consists of store-bought cereal, a cup of yogurt, or oatmeal from the cafeteria. But I’m bored with all that. Not to mention, store-bought cereal is expensive and full of lots of other preservatives and sweeteners.

What are some other easy and/or quick, inexpensive, healthy, low-calorie breakfast-at-work ideas? (High-fiber would also be a big plus!) Or what are some ways to make the current routine more fun and interesting?

Nick, we had a similar question a little while ago, and these posts should give you lots of ideas:

Also, since then we published this recipe, which you might want to try:

We really are enjoying muffins these days; a batch of a dozen sealed tightly will carry a couple people through a week of breakfasts and snacks.

Readers, what other ideas do you have for Nick? What’s your favorite breakfast to brown-bag to work?

(Image: Faith Durand)