Dreamy Meal for Valentine’s: Melissa’s Mexico Memory

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Entries are rolling in already for our quick Valentine’s Day Dreamy Meal contest. Who can best inspire us with their plans for a dreamy meal?

Here’s Melissa with fond memories of her beach wedding in Mexico – see her menu and dreamy inspiration below…

Melissa says:

My husband and I were married in Mexico last March and with my first anniversary coming up I’ve been feeling rather sentimental. It was definitely the best week of my life – we were surrounded by family and friends, in a perfect environment, making the ultimate commitment to each other. Looking at pictures of our “wedding week” in Mexico has inspired me for this meal. The combination of the memories of our wedding, the sharing of the guacamole, the sexiness of the chocolate in the mole sauce and sundae, and all that spice will certainly heat things up this Valentine’s day.

Good luck Melissa!