Nashville’s Most Iconic Butcher Shop Now Delivers Farm-Fresh Meat Across the Country

updated Aug 24, 2023
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Credit: Joe Lingeman

You should know, that as the unofficial official meat tester at The Kitchn, I take my job very seriously. I have tested a ton of online meat delivery services and I know exactly what to look for. So at a time where we are being told to eat less meat, it’s crucial to make sure we’re opting for the highest quality, most sustainably-sourced options out there. And on that note, let me introduce you to my newest discovery: Porter Road.

What is Porter Road?

The online butcher shop was founded by James Peisker and Chris Carter, who met while working at a kitchen in Nashville. They learned just how hard it was to purchase high quality, well-cut meat products and decided to take matters into their own hands. They first started a butcher shop, establishing close relationships with select local farmers and regularly visiting their farms to ensure that the quality was always top-notch. (Years later, their animals are all still raised by small American farmers.) But instead of allowing the farmers to break down the meat, they brought it back to their shop and decided to do it themselves. The quality of the meat was so apparent they quickly became a local cult-favorite, eventually taking their business online so people across the United States could access their high-quality products.

How Does Porter Road Work?

While they’re primarily an online butcher shop (meaning you can buy à la carte options starting at $8) they also recently added a subscription format (starting at $65), giving you the option to choose from five different boxes and delivering it to your doorstep every two, four, or eight weeks. I decided to opt for the customizable Best of Porter Road Box and added bacon, dry-aged ground beef, bone-in pork chop, Korean short ribs, flatiron steak, and Italian sausage to my box.

My biggest issue with delivered products is usually the packaging that tends to include excess styrofoam and other wasteful materials. Porter Road’s orders ship in cardboard boxes filled with biodegradable insulation called Green Cell Foam, a cornstarch-based material that disintegrates under running water. My youngest daughter and I had a blast watching it melt in the sink.

Is the Meat Delicious?

When I pulled out the meat, I could immediately tell just how high quality it was. The meat had a deep, rich color and gorgeous marbling. I instantly started dreaming up recipes that would let the meats shine. I decided to use the Italian sausage first. I have been less than enthusiastic about store-bought Italian sausage lately, finding the flavors to be quite lackluster. That being said, I wanted to make sure I tasted the Italian sausage without drowning it in tomato sauce, so I decided to make strozzapreti, an Italian dish where the sausage is the hero. As soon as I started to cook the meat, the aromas filled my entire apartment and I knew I was in for a treat. Beyond the fragrant aromas of fennel wafting from the pan, the texture of the grind was beautiful. And once I tasted my finished strozzapreti, I knew it was one of the best Italian sausages I had ever purchased. 

The flatiron steak on the other hand had gorgeous color and marbling. I cooked it in a skillet and made a pan sauce with the dripping and served it with a side of salad. The flavor of the meat was delicious and I felt like I had ordered the most perfect steak at a fancy restaurant. I marinated the pieces in yogurt and vadouvan and cooked them in a hot skillet. As for the meaty bacon, I decided to both bake and fry it. It was far superior to most store-bought brands I’m used to.

Is Porter Road Worth the Money?

100 percent yes! It’s some of the best meat I have ever tasted and if your meals are meat-heavy, then Porter Road is worth adding to your radar. The quality is excellent and the cuts are comparable to high-end butcher shops. Another pro? Their meat is pasture-raised, grass-fed, and given a custom-grain blend that adds to their flavor and texture. The only thing left from my box is the Korean short ribs, and I’m already ideating recipes for that. Once I’m done, I’m already looking forward to my second box being shipped right to my doorstep!

If you want to try Porter Road for yourself, now’s the perfect time, because they’re currently offering discounted flat-rate shipping on orders of $125 and up! Over 20 states even get free shipping, so be sure to check out their website to find out if yours is included!

Further, you can also opt for their “Cut of the Week” promotion — every week, they choose a cut to offer at 20% off, so whether you’re looking to stock up or try something new, Porter Road’s got you covered.

Have you tried Porter Road or another online meat delivery service? We would love to hear all about it!