This Portable Mini Crock-Pot Will Completely Change How You Pack Lunch

published Sep 10, 2021
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Credit: Amazon

Do you love your Crock-Pot so much that you wish you could take it to work with you? Then we have good news! Crock-Pot makes a 20-ounce, portable lunch container (with a handy handle), that heats your food while you work. This means that you (if you’re going into an office these days) won’t have to deal with cold desk soups or splatter-y office microwaves ever again!

At less than 1.5 pounds (when empty), it’s light enough to transport from home to work. The Crock-Pot Lunch Crock Food Warmer costs about $26 and comes with wrap-around cord storage so you can discretely plug it in while you type away into a spreadsheet. Just think of all the warm transportable food possibilities, like oatmeal for breakfast and chili for lunch! Our favorite part, though? The removable food container and outer lid are both dishwasher-safe, for easy cleanup and disinfecting.

Credit: Amazon

Amazon customers can’t get enough of this little appliance. It’s a bestseller and, out of nearly 10,500 ratings, 84 percent of them are five-star! If fall marks a return to work for you, consider picking one of these up. Here’s what some of these happy lunch-packers have to say.

“As an ‘essential worker’ during the Covid-19 pandemic we have strict safety rules while we are on-site with other workers. We are not allowed to use shared items such as coffee makers, refrigerators, or microwaves. This lunch crock pot is fantastic. Holds a large can of soup, a hefty serving of leftovers, and even prepared frozen lunches (I cook them at home in microwave, refrigerate overnight, take to work to reheat). I have even heated up frozen frittatas, rolls, and sausage-egg crescent roll sandwiches.”

“After growing tired of having semi-hot or having to wait for forever on the microwave at work, I decided to purchase this. It is wonderful. I plug it in about an hour before I have to eat lunch and my food is perfectly warmed. As a teacher, I get tired of turkey sandwiches or trying to wolf down what’s supposed to be a hot lunch but isn’t for whatever reason. One of the best things is I don’t have to worry about microwave explosions or having to clean up after someone else. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a hot lunch every once in awhile, and is crunched for time.”

“I work as a massage therapist in a space with absolutely no room for a microwave, and my workplace is very smell-sensitive. I got this to bring warm meals for my breaks after I had gotten into the habit of buying fast food, which was very expensive (not to mention unhealthy). Today I was able to eat homemade curry and now I am in love! I plugged it in a few hours before my break, and when I opened it, the food was steaming hot — and the rice was not dry at all like leftover rice tends to be. I was also happy to discover there was virtually NO smell coming from it — no one would be able to tell I had my lunch cooking in a hidden corner. I was only able to smell it if I put my nose literally right next to it.”

Have you tried this little Crock-Pot? Would you use it for lunch?