Popularity Overload: Are We Running Out of Ramps?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Have you developed an early morning farmers’ market habit of scanning the stalls for the popular and sometimes elusive springtime ramps? You’re not the only one. Botanists are concerned that the demand for the tender wild leeks is climbing too fast for the crops.

The New York Times reports this week that the market for ramps has grown so much that the wildly-occurring plant is being over picked. More than just an issue of not being able to find them at the farmers’ market, the rampant over-picking may be having a negative impact on ramp population growth.

Quebec faced a similar issue, declared the plant threatened and banned the sale of it sine 1995. Do you think we should we be taking similar measures to ensure that these plants don’t disappear?

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(Images: Flickr user Summer Tomato licensed for use under Creative Commons)