The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavors, According to Google

updated Jul 17, 2019
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In case you didn’t know, this Sunday is a very important day: National Ice Cream Day! Many desserts come and go, but ice cream will never go out of style. Cones topped with rainbow sprinkles and piled high with multi-colored scoops of creamy goodness — it’s perennially beloved for good reason.

Ice cream continues to evolve, though, which is a win for everyone out there with a sweet tooth. Vanilla and chocolate are no longer exciting enough for the true ice cream connoisseur. Sure, there are some mainstays that people will always love (like strawberry) but new, more dynamic flavors are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Curious what type of ice cream is going to populate your Instagram feed this summer? Google recently released a list of the most-searched-for ice cream flavors, and there is one clear trend. 

2019 Trending Ice Cream Flavors, According to Google

  1. Strawberry
  2. Ube
  3. Chocolate
  4. Coffee
  5. Vanilla
  6. Oreo
  7. Mango
  8. Coconut
  9. Matcha
  10. Avocado

This summer it seems as though everyone will be eating ice cream inspired by flavors already popular throughout many countries in Asia: Ube is the number two most-searched-for ice cream flavor on Google. (It might help that Trader Joe’s also just released an ube ice cream!)

The remaining top five are all (American) classics: Strawberry, a go-to favorite, tops the list. No surprise there. After ube comes chocolate (duh) then coffee followed by vanilla. It’s not entirely surprising that vanilla doesn’t top the rankings, and a flavor like ube enjoys a top spot. These days, most people are eager to expand their palates by experimenting with more adventurous (at least to our tastes) ingredients. 

Oreo flavor takes the number six spot (it is America’s favorite cookie after all). The rest of the top 10 list is filled out by more Asian-inspired flavors: mango, coconut, and matcha (one of the trendiest ingredients in the past couple years, not least of all because of its vibrant green color). To be fair, coconut has long been a staple in ice cream shops and matcha is pretty much mainstream at this point, too. 

In the number 10 spot you’ll find avocado, arguably the trendiest food on the planet right now. It’s not shocking that it eventually made it into ice cream. Although avocado ice cream might sound like it’s on the more adventurous end of the spectrum, this fruit is actually pretty well suited to desserts: It’s super creamy, and slightly sweet but not overly sugary. Plus the color helps it stand out on your waffle cone. 

Trends come and go but if there’s one thing I can be absolutely sure of, ice cream in its myriad of delicious flavors will be popular forever.