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I Tried the Super-Easy Popcorn Cake Recipe and It’s So Good, I Can’t Stop Eating It

published Feb 23, 2022
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Popcorn Cake I Tried it
Credit: Lois Alter Mark

As someone who has often gone to the movies just because I was craving popcorn, I — along with more than 70,000 other TikTok viewers — watched the viral video for what was named the Tomas Family Popcorn Cake with my mouth watering. I mean, how could you not want to try this beautiful no-bake creation loaded with M&M’s, peanuts, toffee bits, marshmallows, and popcorn? You can’t. So, of course, it was only right that I did.

How to Make the Tomas Family Popcorn Cake

You will be amazed at how fast and easy it is to make this popcorn cake. In fact, shopping for the ingredients takes longer than actually making it.

Start by popping the microwave popcorn (or even making your own), pouring it into a big bowl, and removing any leftover kernels. Add an entire jar of peanuts, a bag of M&M’s, and a bag of Heath Bits O’ Brickle. Use your hands to mix it all together, then set it aside. Next, you’ll melt a stick of butter and add marshmallows (53, to be exact!), stirring until you have a nice, creamy mixture. Pour the marshmallow cream over the popcorn mix, stirring it with a spoon to make sure you coat everything. Once it’s all stuck together — yes, those spider web looking threads are normal! — you’ll pour it into a Bundt pan. Make sure the mixture is distributed evenly, then flip the pan over on to a plate. Lift the Bundt pan and voila! A sweet and salty mixture the entire family will love!

Credit: Lois Alter Mark

My Honest Review of the Tomas Family Popcorn Cake

My immediate reaction? Heart eyes. My first bite: Yum. Although I love every ingredient in this recipe, I have to admit I was a little worried that the finished product would be cloyingly sweet, so I was relieved and happily surprised to discover it was actually Goldilocks-like just right. In fact, everyone who’s tasted it — and I’ve now made this for quite a few people because it’s always a hit — has had the same reaction. Besides being delicious, it’s pretty, colorful, and a real conversation piece. Some TikTok commenters even compared it to Rice Krispies Treats, but I think the popcorn is so much tastier.

My husband and I tend to leave this popcorn cake out to snack on — sometimes actually cutting a slice or two, but often just walking by and pulling off a chunk. So, basically, if you plan to invite us for dinner anytime soon, we’ll absolutely be bringing this for dessert.

Credit: Lois Alter Mark

5 Tips for Making the Tomas Family Popcorn Cake

  1. Spray everything — the bowl, the pot, the spatula, the spoon, and the Bundt pan — with nonstick cooking spray. The marshmallows make the mixture so gooey and sticky, I can’t imagine the cake would have slid out of the Bundt pan as smoothly and in one piece if I hadn’t done that first.
  2. Buy the Heath Bits O’ Brickle now even if you’re not planning on making the cake for a while. These particular toffee bits were hard to come by. I had to go to three stores before I found them in stock. So if you’re thinking of making this snack (once or five times), be sure to stock up when you run across them in stores.
  3. Make sure you remove every un-popped kernel of popcorn before adding the other ingredients. I’m emphasizing this so you don’t break a tooth when you eagerly bite into the cake.
  4. Feel free to experiment. Want to add pretzels? Substitute Reese’s Pieces for M&M’s? Go for it. This can be your sweet dream cake and it’s easy to customize for a birthday, other special occasion, or theme. 
  5. And last, but not least, don’t stress. If you happen to lose count on the marshmallows you’re putting in, don’t stress it. This is supposed to be the popcorn cake of your dreams, so it’s definitely OK to use 52 marshmallows — or maybe even 54.