Pop Secret’s New Mobile Game “Poptopia” Allows Users to Smell Popcorn

(Image credit: Cnet via Pop Secret )

It’s not uncommon for brands to turn to games for marketing, but Pop Secret’s app “Poptopia” might be the best one yet. In the game, users feed a giant mouth by popping flying popcorn. If you don’t pop the popcorn at the right time, however, the popcorn burns and you lose points. If that isn’t weird enough, the app now has an attachment that lets users smell the popcorn they are popping.

The addition of the pop dongle to Poptopia is the first i’ve ever heard of smell included in mobile games. As the hilarious video says below, why should your hands, eyes, and ears have all the fun with games? It’s time to let your nose in on the action.

The game without the dongle is actually kinda fun – it’s weird, but in a good way. Now I just want (need) to try it with the popcorn smell.

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