The Smartest Place to Store Your Plastic Wrap Is Not in a Drawer

(Image credit: Maria Midoes)

I try not to use that much plastic wrap. For one, it’s bad for the environment. It’s also super annoying to work with. The static is just so … staticky! And I hate having to tear off more than I need just because the first two pieces became a jumbled-up mess. But sometimes it’s gotta be used — like when making pasta from scratch, for example.

There’s hope, though: The May issue of Rachael Ray Every Day reminded me of a cool tip we’ve run in the past.

Stash your plastic wrap in the freezer!

If you have the space to let your plastic wrap live in there full time, that’s great. If you need the space long-term, you can just pop the roll into the freezer a few minutes before you know you’re going to need it (but this trick will be more effective the longer the wrap gets to sit in the freezer). The cold air cuts back on the static and lets you actually tear off the piece you want and wrap up your food without the whole thing sticking to itself.

This works for more than just plastic wrap, too. If you’re trying to get dressed for work and dealing with a super-staticky skirt, try popping it in the freezer while you finish your makeup. Sure, it’ll be cold for a bit when you put it back on, but at least it won’t be clinging to your legs all day!

The Rachael Ray tip also suggests punching in the perforated squares on both ends of the box, if your brand has them, to help hold the roll in place as you pull out what you need.

Updated from a post originally published in 2011.