A Tip for Static-Free Plastic Wrap: Put It In the Freezer

A Tip for Static-Free Plastic Wrap: Put It In the Freezer

Sarah Rae Smith
Jan 10, 2011

Although some of us might be attempting to reduce our use of plastic wrap in our kitchens, there's probably a roll or two floating around somewhere.

One of the most annoying things about plastic wrap is static cling, especially in these dry, colder months. Our plastic wrap wants to curl and bunch up in every direction — except the one we want! Send that static packing with this super simple tip!

Keep your plastic wrap cold! If you have space, your plastic wrap can live in your freezer full time for static-free use. If you're short on time, a few minutes in can help, but might not eliminate it completely. If you know you'll be wrapping up leftovers after a meal, try tossing it in earlier in the night so you don't end up looking like an alligator wrestling a mosquito trying to get it to calm down.

This works for more than just plastic wrap, too. In these dry winter months things can get extra clingy and this is an easy way to kick that sticking power to the curb. If you can handle the few seconds of chill, tossing your skirt in the freezer before throwing it on for work can also make you static-free without chemical sprays. Just don't forget about it — your friends might find you odd the more clothes they find in your freezer!

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(Image: King Arthur Flour)

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