This Game-Changing $13 Amazon Find Is the Only Way to Store Paper and Plastic Plates (and It Takes Up No Space!)

published Jul 5, 2023
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Surprising no one, one of my most dreaded chores is washing dishes. Sometimes even loading and unloading the dishwasher feels tedious. As a result, I try to avoid a full sink during the week by cutting down on how many dishes I use. Do my efforts reduce the amount by a lot? Not often, but I feel good about it and that’s what matters. However, when I’m entertaining at home for more than a couple of friends, disposable plates are a must. Cleaning up after a party is so much faster when you don’t have stacks of dishes leaving your cabinet to pile up on the counter. Essentially, unless we’re having a fancy dinner party, none of us are too good for paper plates. I keep mine in my pantry, but if you’re low on space, Amazon has a great alternative for disposable plate storage in the form of the Camco Pop-A-Plate Plastic Plate Dispenser.

What Is the Camco Pop-A-Plate Plastic Plate Dispenser?

The Camco Pop-A-Plate Dispenser provides easy and discreet storage for disposable plates, so they don’t clutter up the cabinet. While it’s made to either be mounted on the wall or under a shelf with screws, some customers have mounted it successfully with heavy-duty, double-sided tape. The dispenser isn’t spring-loaded, so there’s not a lot of tension if you have the correct size for the plates, which is nine inches. It works with both paper and foam plates, and holds up to 125 of them, so you can already imagine how much it could help to reduce time washing dishes. This simple yet innovative plate dispenser can be used in more places than the wall and under cabinets. Those who’ve already purchased it have incorporated the device into their pantries and refrigerators, too! It’s renter-friendly, small space-friendly, and lasts for the long haul. And, its low price point just adds to the dispenser’s many benefits. 

What Amazon Reviewers Are Saying

Average Rating: 4.3/5

“This plate holder is so easy to use. It’s also easily installed. It’s out of the way, off the counter, and simply convenient. I buy my plates from Costco, and they fit perfectly.” — Bel P.

“This is a lifesaver living in a camper. We try to utilize all the space we have with a purpose, and let me tell you this is perfect super easy to install. I put it right under our cabinet so it’s super easy to access. We love it! I use 8.5-inch plates and they still fit fine.” — Katie

“I’ve had one of these for the last 26 years mounted in my cabinet and we use it daily for paper plates and it’s still working great! I highly recommend it to anyone who uses paper plates, plus it saves space in your cabinets since it mounts. I want to get one for my daughter who just moved out into her own house.” — Christina H.

If you’re going to be hosting cookouts this summer or just don’t want to wash dishes while school’s out and everyone’s spending more time at home, this could be the affordable solution you didn’t know you needed.