Peeps Poll: Easter Explosion Edition

Peeps Poll: Easter Explosion Edition

Chris Phillips
Apr 3, 2007

Peeps are the Las Vegas of the Easter table. Almost everyone's been to this garish delight, but not everyone's ready to talk about it.

What happens in Peeps Land stays in Peeps Land, right?

In today's poll we're just going to go ahead and ask:

Unlike the Diet Coke and Mentos thing (sooooo 2006!) blasting Peeps in the microwave has some cred ...

It is right up there with the classic vinegar and baking soda volcano. While we're on the topic: ever mesmerize yourself by putting uncooked spaghetti in Sprite and watch the pasta dance up and down on so many bubbles?

If you've never tried micro-popping Peeps before, you should know that Peeps like to ride round and round on the microwave carousel for about 15 seconds. After that their bright sugar crust breaks apart to reveal "radioactive" white guts. The Peep-guts double in size and then deflate into burned sugar gooo.

We just learned about Peep Jousting from the Salt Lake Tribune this morning. We'll leave it to Wikipedia to give you the details. We're not ready to think about how a cook cleans up after a couple of icky-sticky jousting Peeps.

Full Disclosure: Chris grew up in Bethlehem, PA. The Peeps Factory and their annual Christmas celebrations are the town's dual claims to fame.

(Thanks to N8xd for Jousting Peeps picture)

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