Polar Seltzer Releases 3 Limited-Edition Mythical-Inspired Flavors

published Aug 3, 2017
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When it comes to flavored seltzer water, there aren’t a lot of surprises. Most brands have citrus flavors like lemon and orange, berry flavors like raspberry or cranberry, and maybe even one curveball flavor like passionfruit. But Massachusetts-based Polar Beverages is adding three limited-edition flavors to its lineup that have mythical vibes to them.

Trust us — you’re going to want to try these.

“The new Polar Seltzer JR assortment is made to chill consumers and leverage the unmet demand for sparkle and happiness,” Polar Beverages says in a statement.

The three flavors, a part of their “Impossibly Good Polar Seltzer” project, are Dragon Whispers, Mermaid Songs, and Yeti Mischief. Dragon Whispers, says Boston Magazine, has a tropical feel to it with notes of strawberry and possibly pineapple; Mermaid Songs “smells and tastes like a cross between Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish;” and Yeti Mischief tastes like a less sweet version of Hawaiian Punch.

Also hitting shelves is a mythical-inspired elusive flavor from last summer — Unicorn Kisses. This flavor created a frenzy amongst consumers when they launched last year as part of an April Fools’ joke. The company only manufactured 5,000 cases of the drink, which eventually made its way online selling up to $100.

“In the spirit of corporate transparency, the origin of each of these new seltzers is noted on the packaging,” the company tells Western Mass News. “Sources within the company confirm that all are New England natives. From the tree-tops of the Green Mountains to Cape Cod’s coastline, these beautiful creatures are finally getting their due.”

Seltzer water has seen a spike in consumption over the past few years. According to the Nielsen research group, there was a 21.6 percent increase in seltzer purchases in 2015. And a Boston Globe report last year cited that the annual consumption rate of seltzer is around 168,000 million gallons.

The four flavors will be available while supplies last at select retailers. They’ll come packaged in the company’s eight-ounce “junior” cans in six-packs.