Pointless or Practical? 9 Gadgets Designed for Eggs

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It seems that eggs have inspired more gadgets than any other food (with the possible exception of garlic). Here’s a look at some of the tools designed to poach, fry, cook, warm, crack, separate, and otherwise massage eggs into something delicious. Some of these are relics of an older, more gracious era, and others are crazy fast-food gadgets for modern times.

Of course your feelings about some of these gadgets will depend on how you cook. Maybe you have one of these and use it every day and love it. Then great! It deserves a place in your kitchen.

1 Copper Egg Steamer — This gorgeous egg steamer steams up to 3 eggs right at the table. Oh to have a seaside palace in Portugal with a butler and a copper egg steamer! $64.95 at Sur La Table.
2 Porcelain Egg Coddlers — Coddled eggs are lovely, a cross between poached and soft-boiled. $18 at Sur La Table.
3 Egg Topper — A pair of special scissors to help cut off the top of an soft-boiled egg. This one is unnecessarily expensive but very pretty. $39.95 at Williams-Sonoma.
4 3-in-1 Egg Slicer — Slices hard-boiled eggs for salads and sandwiches. $16 at Williams-Sonoma.
5 Chef’sChoice Electric Egg Cooker — We know people who swear by this thing. It reliably cooks eggs anywhere from soft-boiled to hard-boiled. $39.95 at Williams-Sonoma.

6 Egg Fry Rings — For those perfectly round fried eggs. $15 at Williams-Sonoma
7 Peter Petrie Egg Separator — Crazy! Gross! Funny! $12.99 at What On Earth.
8 Egg Cuber — Hello, bento. $2.99 at The Kitchen Store.
9 The Egg Cracker — Well, this is one way to crack eggs one-handed! $7.99 at Amazon.

Have you found any of these gadgets practical? Or are they all pointless and silly? Do you know of any other very silly egg gadgets?

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