Pods for Everything (Not Just Coffee) Are Invading the Kitchen

(Image credit: New York Magazine)

Everyone wants to be Keurig. The immensely successful coffee pod company has spawned a pods-for-everything trend. In fact, the phrase “the Keurig for __” is now an actual thing. The Keurig for tortillas (Flatev), the Keurig for craft beer (Synek), the Keurig for miso soup (One Shot). So how do all these things work?

New York Magazine digs into the pod trend and the companies each vying to be the next Keurig. But can this trend survive? Not according to one industry analyst, who says, “Many American countertops will have room for a Keurig machine, but is there enough space for a tortilla-maker, cocktail-mixer, infant-formula-maker, and more?”

Yeah, probably not. But we’ll let you decide!

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