Podcasting in The Kitchen

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With the growing popularity of Podcasts (audio broadcasts that you can download to your computer, iPod, or other MP3 player) it’s no surprise that the foodies, always on the cutting edge, are jumping right on the bandwagon.

The best of the lot is a show called Good Food (www.kcrw.org/show/gf) that has been airing weekly on KCRW, the eclectic public radio station in Southern California, for many years. The one-hour show is hosted by Evan Kleiman, the well-known cookbook author and chef of LA’s Angeli Caffe.

Here is the synopsis of a recent show:

“While Dr. Will Clower challenges KCRW listeners to stay slim through the holidays, Catherine Cuellar tempts us to stray with tasty treats from the Texas State Fair. Stacie Hunt touts what she says is “not your grandmother’s Sherry,” and Jet Tila explains why palm sugar is the sweet stuff for Thai chefs. Bill Kelley gets corny with candy corn and Nancy Zaslavsky gets to the heart of Mexican sweets. Rick Moonan offers an indulgence of another kind as he dishes up sin city on a neon platter.”

If you’re new to podcasting, don’t be intimidated. If you have a Mac and/or iTunes, you’re in luck. Podcasting is built in. (You can also download iTunes for free.) Once your iTunes is running, go to the Music Store, and select Podcasts. There will be a list of categories – warning: you will be overwhelmed. The Food category alone has 140 different podcasts. Good Food is just one.

And that’s all you probably need, for now.

Other podcasting websites:

www.podcast.net will play podcasts directly through your computer.

www.ipodder.org is a directory of online podcasts.